This is me breathing.

I have been finding that actions of massage (whether Swedish, Deep Tissue, or even Post Event) are feeling increasingly native and organic to me. Connecting the feelings to similar change-overs in my life, it is the difference between having learned enough words of a language that I am able to laboriously make myself understood and knowing that when I speak I am beginning to sound fluent. It is the difference between getting all of the words and blocking in a scene correct by rote and instead getting beyond that to feeling the intentions flow back and forth between individuals on-stage that make THOSE words and THAT blocking the truth of the interstitial space between you and your fellow players. It is good to feel that fluency. When I was on stage more often, I equated it to a line from Grosse Point Blank (a long-time favorite film). In it Martin Blank, an assassin (albeit a recovering one), takes his pistol and cocks it and says “This is me breathing”. I feel that way about being an actor, and before my first client at the Therapeutic Massage Clinic at BCC a little while back, I heard that line bounce through my head and it made me smile. This process of letting my hands speak to the muscles of my clients, of addressing adhesions and releasing fascia is becoming something I can do within my native context- within my center of balance- which is important for my long-term well-being as both an introvert and massage professional.

From the grounding through the entire conversation between my hands and their muscles- this is me breathing.
So mote it be.

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