Bathing in the Afterglow: Thoughts on the 2014 Boston Marathon (or Post Post-Event Event)

Overall, the experience was exhilarating (in a quiet way) for me. It was fascinating to bring my understanding of the kinesiology and the complicated demands put on the bodies of the runners to bear in the treatments I was able to do (around 7 or 8 total, I think). For all that there was overlap in the actions I was performing, the massages themselves were as starkly contrasted from one to the next as I could imagine. From runners that could not lie still and had minds positively whirring to those that were losing focus and zoning out from minute to minute; from runners that appreciated the stretch to fairly arduous processes of trying to work while dealing with ever-looming cramps, the differences were distinct and made for equally distinct challenges. Shifting the treatment constantly to meet the changing needs of each successive client was very engaging and I feel as though each the runners I worked with left much better off than when they came in. (Or at the very least much better off than they would have been had they not come in). The gratitude of the runners was a great deal of reward. I was also very appreciative of the team with which I came, feeling as though people were always available and willing to jump in, to handle the burbling chit-chat that is not my forte but is necessary to make sure your runner is still with you, to bring soup, and to smooth the transitions between runners. The closest thing to a negative I have is that at least twice I nodded and smiled at promptings from supervisors to speed up, and then doggedly kept going with what I was doing. That is to say, my school (which had a great turn-out) might do better in future years to bring more compliant therapists than myself. For all that, no runners were turned away while we were there, so maybe they brought a sufficient number of compliant students that my pace did not spoil the soup.

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