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This is me breathing.

I have been finding that actions of massage (whether Swedish, Deep Tissue, or even Post Event) are feeling increasingly native and organic to me. Connecting the feelings to similar change-overs in my life, it is the difference between having learned … Continue reading

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Bathing in the Afterglow: Thoughts on the 2014 Boston Marathon (or Post Post-Event Event)

Overall, the experience was exhilarating (in a quiet way) for me. It was fascinating to bring my understanding of the kinesiology and the complicated demands put on the bodies of the runners to bear in the treatments I was able … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the Boston Marathon!

Much of my week that was not occupied with normal life + preparing house for guests/possible new roommate + Easter weekend has been focused on the 2014 Boston Marathon. As a Service Learning Leader for Bristol Community College’s Therapeutic Massage … Continue reading

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Just Call Me a Joiner

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Out of my doubts and beliefs

I wonder regularly about the energy bodywork modalities. Reading about some of them it seems as though there is often a dearth of good science backing it up. Methods aren’t quantifiable and results aren’t consistently reproducible. I readily acknowledge that … Continue reading

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