Lucky So & So’s


A wise woman once told me that the spouses and significant others of massage therapists are lucky folks.

A couple weeks before going back to school, I felt off-center and ID’d my saudade as- the desire to give a massage.

The desire to have that centered, harmonious feeling I get at the end after giving a massage.

I know there will be plenty of times where I’ll be be over-extended and empty at the end of the day, but I am happy to know that I’m headed toward a field that calls to me in that way.

My wife seemed to feel pretty okay with the whole scenario as the recipient of my off-season massage endeavors. Score one for the words of wise women and for my lucky so & so.

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One Response to Lucky So & So’s

  1. assuagingmassage says:

    That’s so funny! Because today after we did all those j strokes and such.. I felt like the urge to want to massage. Once I am in the rhythm of massage I go with it; but that was sort of the first time I was sad I COULDN’T massage. Take advantage of the feeling while we have it ha.

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