Harnessing Ki

As someone with lifelong ambitions of being involved in theater, I’ve always wished I were not just a theater practitioner but also a Jedi. The stage “wizardry” would be ordinally higher if I could Force-push or pull set pieces and props across stage. And jump really high. And convince the weak-minded that I was a great actor… (or at least that I was the character I was portraying and so forth).

Also, and not least, because being a Jedi is obviously its own reward.

Now that I have added “Student Massage Therapist” to my titles (which, sadly, do not include “Jedi Knight”) I love reading about energy modalities and life force. With science and almost-science mostly on board with the “energy body” of humans, I am once more presented with the notions that some “wizardry” could go a long way with the art and craft I am pursuing.

Building up and transmitting heat through your hands using your Ki? Tell me more…

Being in tune enough to be able to serve as a fulcrum and tipping point redirecting energy rather than having everything you are pouring into the healing intent you are massaging into your client come from your own well of life force? Verbose already, but go on…

Prior to writing this I was perusing this site:  http://spiritualkinetics.webs.com/energymanipulation.htm which is more about how to control your Ki enough to mess people up with it. Or at least defend yourself. And while I can see how defending yourself against Ki-leachers would be worth knowing, I never aimed to be a Sith actor. And a Sith massage therapist… Ok, that would be kind of awesome. Anyway, I haven’t gotten to the bottom of that site (the page is long, I’m somewhere in the middle). And I’m pretty sure if someone were giving me a grade for writing about energy modalities, they would have to be VERY GENEROUS OF SPIRIT in order to give me credit for this.

All that being said, I don’t want to get to the bottom (or the “home”) of that page, and not find out that the site in question is anything less than some person honestly telling me that my lack of Force powers to date stems from my own lack of practice and/or conviction. So I should start the hard and 100% legit work of sensing my Ki and then stretching it- and being a Jedi Massage Therapist.


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5 Responses to Harnessing Ki

  1. hotstoneflow says:

    HA! I found this post absolutely entertaining! Although you didn’t talk much in detail about Ki or its healing benefits, it doesn’t even matter. I was thrilled by your explanation of your interest in why you chose Ki and incorporated in with your personality, other interests, and comedic career goal as a Jedi Ki Massage Therapist. Hey, didn’t our parents always tell us, “You can do whatever you put your mind to.”?

  2. suefoley13 says:

    May the Force be with you. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Sounds like an interesting site.

  3. Anyone grading such a writing is also likely grading many others and has graded many others ergo is reading many and has read many. Blog posts can become (ready?) monotonous when a reader is as narrowly focused as a grader might be. Safe to say that when a grader chuckes or talks with the (listening) iPad, the blogger receives extra credit. Further, when the grader’s partner can correctly identify the blogger solely by the grader’s chuckling (all the way from the next room), the blogger deserves extra extra credit.

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